Types of Repair

Economy: We specialize in creating viable and regenerative economies, primarily the Forest Economy and Resource Economy. These economies operate within the capital (FIAT) money system, yet develop living replacement systems through the Forest Economy, and meaningful jobs through the Resource Economy. Cities, towns, groups, communities, and others interested in economic regeneration should consider our services.

Soil: Soil is the most efficient way to sequester carbon, even more so than trees. Trees store carbon in the body (wood), soils spread it across the world as humus, thus covering more surface area. Perennial grasses and ruminant animals are the natural way to build healthy soils and sequester carbon and methane. A 1.6% increase of organic matter in the earth’s soils, will return us to pre-industrial levels of atmospheric carbon. Soils are also the earths greatest storage system of freshwater. We can drought proof any landscape through soil building and intelligent design. Every design we do builds topsoil, humus, and water carrying capacity.

Water: Given that less than 1% of the world’s fresh water supply cycles and is available at any given time, and that water is the source of all biological life, our role as fresh water managers is paramount. Michigan cities, farms, and homesites are currently mismanaged for fresh water storage and supplies; often,  our water supplies are precariously dependent on fragile infrastructures for availability, filtration, and delivery. Storage in the soils, catchment tanks, trees, swales, and ponds are absolutely essential for sustainable human living. We manage fresh water for abundance and health. We can repair sullied water systems (rivers, ponds, lakes, soils, aquifers) and regenerate fresh water health.

Climate Change: Trees and soils are the modes of extreme weather mediation. Weather can be created and modulated through trees. Trees store water as biological pumps, releasing water through transpiration to create and stabilize weather patterns. We can design landscapes to create micro-climates of moderate weather patterns. We can modulate wind and excessive heat through holistic tree-based design. We can sequester carbon for your project or group.

Toxins: Mycoremediation (myco=fungi) is the primary form of neutralizing novel and toxic chemistries that accumilate in the landscape. Petroleum is able to be broken into short-chain chemistries and returned to the soil ecosystem for redistribution amongst the soil web of life. Trees are used to pull toxins into their wood for non-consumed building materials, wood chips for mushrooms, and functional elements of the landscape. Toxic river and waterways can be healed through the use of natural filters such as Bunker Spawn, willow roots, and rotational ruminant grazing. We use and generate locally sourced spawn in our designs.

Corporate/Government: Designs for waste-streams allows both cost reduction and income creation for most corporate/government enterprises. We can design for cost reduction through lower heating, cooling, and water bills. We design for communication efficiency and resiliency. We specialize in linking otherwise unrelated businesses from waste stream to waste stream, allowing for regeneration of previous corporate operating costs.

Communication: Often our organizational and management structures create internal ‘stuckness’, frustration, and confusion. Using Holistic Management, Holacracy, and Clean Talk models of communication can move stuck or entrenched  business/governmental/group activities towards regenerative action. We offer group communication models and frameworks for human endeavors, in order that they serve both the ecology–the basis of our economy–and the human actors involved.


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