Our services fall under two broad categories: General Services and Specific Services.

Our General Services are consulting, design, and implementation;

  • Consultancy services include assessments of waste streams, potential income and production possibilities, ‘linking’ suggestions, topographical maps and potential design options, bullet points for implementation plans, cost reduction potentials, and carbon sequestration ability.
  • Design services include a full site analysis, maps, water storage placement/options, food forest design, path and road design, topsoil creation estimates, carbon sequestration potential, year one through five implementation plan, reforestation potential, holistic goal creation, finance/income potential and budgeting, and complete customization of design to meet your specific needs.  
  • Implementation includes the full design service but offers the expertise and labor necessary to kick-start your project into production. We offer year one implementation of full design, as well as, yearly management for up to five years.

Our Specific Services include individual land/homeowner, groups, communities, farm and city;

  • Individual Land/homeowner: We specialize in the creation of income streams. Reduction of waste streams. Creation of supply lines from home. Food and water security. Reduction of recurring costs. Job creation.
  • Groups: We specialize in assisting groups that want to have real, tangible, and measurable efforts towards reversing global warming/man’s damage to soils, forests, and waterways. Churches, native plant groups, veterans clubs, schools, elderly and youth groups, therapy groups, occupy groups, and more should consider our group services.
  • Communities: Any community is poised to begin making profound changes for the whole of humankind, through their built-in community strength and resilience. We specialize in co-creative processes of direct action towards regeneration of ecosystems and through community ‘pooling’ and cooperative efforts.
  • Farms: We specialize in topsoil creation, rotational grazing, and forest economy development. By moving from mono-crop/input-heavy management, to polyculture/perennial agroforestry systems, we move farms from precariousness to resilience. We design additional and supplementary farm income streams, reduce input costs, and increase labor resources through ‘city links’. Topsoil, long-term investments, and profitability are increased each year for the first 5-50 years of implementation.
  • Cities/Towns: Are you as disturbed as we are by Michigan’s Emergency Financial Manager (EMF) laws? Consider the ecological analog to EMF’s; Whole-System Designers (WSD). If a city/town wants truly lasting solutions to systemic problems they need whole systems design. We specialize in working with city waste streams and turning them into local modes of production that meet your citizen’s needs. At the core of our design/consultancy work is the city-farm link, the forest economy, and the resource economy.

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